SOAP Fault & HTTP Status Code

December 20th, 2009 by Martin Karpisek Leave a reply »

What should be HTTP status code of response containing SOAP Fault (codes are defined in RFC 2616 HTTP/1.1 Section 10)?

From SOAP 1.1 Specification:
In case of a SOAP error while processing the request, the SOAP HTTP server MUST issue an HTTP 500 “Internal Server Error” response and include a SOAP message in the response containing a SOAP Fault element (see section 4.4) indicating the SOAP processing error.

What if there is no SOAP error while processing/SOAP processing error? It is just some standard business error (customer not found for example)?

From WS-I Basic profile:
An INSTANCE MUST use a “500 Internal Server Error” HTTP status code if the response message is a SOAP Fault.

This is much more clear.

So at least there are some links to answer when somebody asks again for Faults delivered with 200 OK status…


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