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Introduction to GemStone on YouTube

January 31st, 2010

For thoseĀ  looking for materials about GemStone/S, there is YouTube channel of James Foster (from GemStone) which includes presentations from Smalltalks 2009 conference (mainly Introduction to GemStone and Scaling Objects for the Enterprise).

Programming and System Administration Guides (which you may want to check when watching videos) are available for example from GemStone/S Documentation site.

UPDATE: added link to summary of all parts of Scaling Objects presentation

Version Control Visualization

January 16th, 2010

During my research on libraries for visualization of large bodies of source code I came over two interesting projects. These projects focus on visualization of whole repositories and results seems more like an art than just pure technical thing…


code_swarm is “organic software visualization of project repositories” for SVN, CVS, Git and other VCS. Examples for different open source projects can be found here.

code_swarm – Eclipse (short ver.) from Michael Ogawa on Vimeo.


gource is “software version control visualization tool” for SVN, CVS, Git and Mercurial. Videos with interesting examples can be found here.

GemDev Video

January 8th, 2010

Below is a year old video presenting GemDev features in real time. Video was recorded for internal presentation of previous version (0.1.9), but it covers most features of recently released 0.2.0. Recording was done with free GLASS version of GemStone/S runningĀ  in VMware ApplianceĀ  and Eclipse 3.4.

It should be noted that if you will use GemDev for example with big remote DB you will not always be able to reach same quick response as is on video. This video uses very small DB (coming with free version) and is running locally in VMware. With bigger remote DBs it can take longer time mainly when connecting to DB or searching for references/implementors/senders. Usual browsing/editing is not affected so much and overall speed is still very acceptable.

GemDev 0.2.0 Release

January 4th, 2010

I am happy I can announce GemDev 0.2.0 – first public release of my Eclipse Development Environment for GemStone/S.

“GemDev is (highly) experimental implementation of Eclipse-based IDE for GemStone Smalltalk, with intention to bring mainstream tools to Smalltalk.”

New and Noteworthy:

GemDev site:

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