Q: Can I use GemDev with my GemStone/S 32bit?

A: It depends. GemDev currently uses HTTPServer and related classes coming with GLASS, but otherwise it is not dependent on some version specific features. So in case you are able to port these classes to your 32bit database it should be enough.

Q: Can I have smalltalk workspace?

A: .Yes. Just create in your GemDev project file with .gsw extension. Eclipse will use (by default) Workspace Editor which provides most of Smalltalk functionality. If this project will be connected to database it will be possible to use hyper linking, search in database and other features which needs connection to database,.
Alternatively you can use evaluation panel in Inspector view.

Q: Can I use plugin in Eclipse on Linux?

A: Yes. Not much tested as it is not my main platform, but it is possible (checked on Ubuntu 9.10 with Eclipse 3.5)