GemDev 0.2.2 - New & Noteworthy

Maintenance release, no new features 

GemDev 0.2.1

Collection of small improvements such as content assist, custom templates and hyperlinking in console.


Content assist Basic code completion is implemented for class names (in case completed string starts with uppercase letter) and methods (in case completed string starts with lowercase letter).

In case content assist can guess receiver, it filters out methods which do not fit. Recognized receivers are classes, self and super.

Improved hyper linking Implementor hyperlinks are filtered in case editor detects that receiver is class, self  or super (same way as for code completion)In case receiver can not be identified content assist offers all implementors.

Custom Templates
Integrated Eclipse template system for smalltalk editors. Custom templates can be defined in Preferences > GemDev >Templates.

Templates can be invoked from content assist menu (default shortcut CTRL+Space) in workspace nad method editors.


Hyperlinks in stack trace Console now parses smalltalk stack traces and converts lines with method names to hyperlinks. Clicking on link will open editor on this method and highlight corresponding line.


Find implementors/senders shortcuts in search result view Repeated search for declarations/references of method (implementors/senders) can now be triggered directly from search result (default shortcuts are CTRL+G / CTRL+SHIFT+G).

GemDev 0.2.0

First public release - it is meant as time limited alpha version for testing and evaluation what can be done with Eclipse and GemStone.


Browser Perspective Standard Smalltalk Browser Perspective.


Hyper linking Hyper links works for classes (focuses Browser on selected class and its hierarchy) and messages (offers all implementors and opens selected one).

Mark occurrences Mark occurrences works in syntactically valid methods.

Brackets highlighting Automatic highlighting of [],  (), {}

Errors/Warnings highlighting Editor can check and display various problems on the fly.

Syntax errors:

Unused or undefined local variables:

Unimplemented messages:

All checks can be enabled/disabled in Preferences > Errors/Warnings

Syntax Coloring Customizable coloring of Smalltalk Syntax elements (configurable in Preferences > GemDev > Syntax Coloring).

Local Rename Refactoring Possible to rename local variables (ALT+SHIFT+R) in  syntactically valid methods.

Local History History of edited GemStone methods stored locally in workspace.


Inspector Inspector view with explorer-like structure, evaluation pane and Find Object by Oop shortcut action.


Find Class/Implementors/Senders Fast access to classes (CTRL+SHIFT+T), Implementors (CTRL+SHIFT+I) and Senders (CTRL+SHIFT+J) with name matching.

Text search Find methods containing particular text in source code (Search > File... > GemDev Text Search). Case sensitive and case insensitive search supported.


Search results in class tree Search results can be presented as list of methods or as method tree.

Find implementors/senders shortcuts Search can be triggered from Browser method selection, from method or workspace editor with selected element (default shortcuts are CTRL+G / CTRL+SHIFT+G)


Working Copy <-> GemStone read/write Support of reading/writing of methods/categories from/to Working Copy together with Subclipse gives basic (highly experimental) support for Subversion.

Working Copy <-> GemStone graphical compare It is possible to compare class (or class hierarchy) with current working copy,