To get working Eclipse environment for GemStone, you have to install 3 separate items:

GemStone Installation 

Either you have your own installation of GemStone or you can use VMware appliance provided by GemStone with free license (see
Plugin is developed and tested against this VMware image.

Server Scripts

To be able to connect to GemStone DB with Eclipse plugin it is necessary to install and script which provides necessary functionality (for details see Communication with GemStone/S ).
All scripts are distributed in separate archive, which you can download from GemDev site.
Server pack archive contains:


Configuration of broker server (its port, range of ports used for creating sessions) and connection profiles to all GS databases which will be made available to uses. By default it contains connection profile for connecting to GLASS VMware database. Configuration is read by script.

Broker server main script.  Handles creating new GemStone sessions.

Session server script which is used by broker server for starting new GemStone sessions. Handles all requests coming from Eclipse to particular GemStone session.

This script is intended for safe stopping of broker and/or session servers (started by run* scripts). 

(Optional) this is convenience script for GLASS VMware Image.  Uses default parameters to start new broker server.

GemDev Plugin Installation 

  1. Download Eclipse 3.5 from Eclipse downloads site (for example Eclipse IDE for Java Developers distribution) page)
  2. Download GemDev from GemDev site (it is currently distributed as .zip containing archived update site with plugin and all dependencies)
  3. Go to Help > Install New Software...  
  4. Use Add.. button and add downloaded GemDev update site archive as source
  5. Select GemDev and press Next
  6. On Dependencies page you can review features which will be installed and then press Next

  7. On Review Licenses page, please read the licenses and if you agree accept them and press Finish
  8. Installation of plugin will be done, you can be asked for confirmation of installation of unsigned plugins - in that case please accept
  9. After installation is complete, you will be asked if Eclipse should restart itself - please accept it
  10. After restart you can continue to Create New GemDev project