Creating a New GemDev Project

Switch  to Browser Perspective (in main menu Window > Open Perspective > Other...  and choose Browser).  
This is perspective simulating traditional Smalltalk Browser for editing code.
In GemDev Projects view context menu select New > Project...

In next step choose GemDev > GemDev Project

New GemDev Project Step 1

In next step you can configure connection configuration used by this project:

New Project Step 2

See Installation chapter for details about Broker server and Connection profile configuration.
You can choose from available connection profiles on broker server by pressing Browse... button. This button will connect to broker server on entered address and port. In case there is connection error it will display error message. But in case connection succeeded you will be offered list of all connection profiles configured on target broker server.

Connection profile selection dialog

By using Validate button you can check if entered values are valid and it is possible to use them for connecting to GemStone database before creating the project itself. (values can be changed after creation of project in project properties on Properties > Broker Server page)

After pressing Finish button the project will be created in Eclipse workspace.